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Cruelty free Vegan Makeup

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If you're looking for cruelty free and vegan makeup you have come to the right place. Our products are not tested on animals, and all our ingredients are suitable for vegans. Find out more what each of this means: 

What is Cruelty Free Makeup

Products that are cruelty free are those that do not involve any animal testing during the creation and production of the products. This also covers any third parties that might be involved in the production and creation of the products. The process specifically refers to production and creation so that brands do not claim to be vegan, for example if they have tested on animals during the creation of the productions, but not during the production. It covers both aspects, e.g when the product is being created from the start, and when the ingredients are finally agreed and the prototype has been picked for mass production. 

What is Vegan Makeup

Makeup that does not use any by-products from animals. For example, makeup with beeswax is not vegan as the beeswax comes from bees. 

How Are Our Products Cruelty Free 

Our products are not tested on animals at all. As a small indie brand, we control the production of our products and do not carry out any animal testing. 


Our current range is also vegan, meaning all  ingredients used for lip colours and eyeshadow palette do not contain animal by-products. 

You can shop and enjoy our products knowing they're of great quality, vegan friendly and have not be tested on animals

Best Selling Vegan and Cruelty Free Products

Lip Colours 

Our vegan friendly lip gloss, also cruelty free. Click here for ingredients list. 

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Eyeshadow Palette 

Our vegan friendly and cruelty free eyeshadow palette. Made of 12 pigmented shades to suit all skin tones.  Click here for ingredients list. 

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