Ready Steady, Set! .... with our newly launched setting powders

Ready Steady, Set! .... with our newly launched setting powders

Why Use Setting Powder 

If you want your makeup to remain flawless for as long as possible then you are going to have to set it. Setting powder simply 'locks-in' your makeup and keeps it in one place for a flawless and long lasting effect. The best setting powders will set your makeup for up to 12 hours or more. 


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Which Setting Powder is best for my Skin Type & Skin Tone

Skin Type- Dry, Combination, Oily

Whether you have dry, combination or oily skin, we can all benefit from using setting powder to achieve a flawless finish. The key is to apply more or less, and set for longer or less time depending on your skin type.  If you have dry skin, ensure you properly moisturise and prime before applying makeup, when setting, ensure you apply smaller amounts of setting powder so as to not overwhelm your dry skin. Consider setting for less time, for example, apply the setting powder and dab it into your skin so you set as you go, instead of apply setting powder and letting it sit - which will increase the setting 'effect' and probably dry your skin.

Also opt for setting powders that are not drying, such our the Aronse Cosmetics setting powders- the formula we use is intended to not dry your skin and is therefore perfect for all skin types. 

Skin Tone- Dark, Medium, Light, Fair 

When it comes to setting powders, decide what look you're going for, do you want a setting power that is going to also brighten the areas set, eg under eye, forehead. Or do you want a setting powder to just set your makeup ie lock in your makeup and sculpt your face?. Depending on what you desire, go for a shade that matches closest to your skin tone if you just want to set, or for a shade lighter than your skin tone if you want to brighten and set.

Here's a guide to our Aronse Setting powders that come in 4 shades for all skin tones

Dark, Medium Skin- you can opt for the shade 'Chocolate' if you want the setting powder to set your makeup without highlighting, for a highlighting effect we recommend the 'Banana' shade. 

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Light Medium-Fair Skin- you can opt for shade 'Banana' to set without highlighting, if you want to highlight and set, we recommend shade 'Beige' or 'Translucent' 

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All our setting powders are formulated to suit all skin tones, so whether you have dark, medium or fair skin you can play around with the universal shades of 'Banana' 'Beige' and 'Translucent'


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