Spring/Summer Makeup Trends

Spring/Summer Makeup Trends

Bright Eyeshadow

This spring/summer do not be afraid to experiment with bright eyeshadow. If you normally shy away from colour on your eyes, now is a perfect time to try it out!

Don't worry we are not telling you to go crazy, just add a touch of shimmers and bright colour here and there and you're good to go (you don't need to do a fancy eyeshadow look either) the key is to ADD colour 😍

The Self Made Palette is perfect for injecting some colour in your makeup bag and on your eyes. We have also added some other images for inspo!


Eyeshadow Palette

Let's Blush Baby

This shouldn't come as a surprise, we've seen all types of blushes from cream to liquid and matte blushes. We've even seen the Instagram makeup hack of using your fav lipstick as a blusher. 

Blush Tip - when picking go for one that has similar undertones to your skin. For deep and medium skin opt for hot corals, deep reds and berries. For tan or  olive skin go for pink and peachy blushes. 

Blusher for dark skinblusher for tan skin

Bold Coloured Eyeliner

If you follow enough makeup related Instagram pages or beauty influencers you have probably already seen this. We are talking eyeliner, not your typical black winged liner (although that's still hot ), most makeup lovers have gotten quite trendy with winged coloured liner, usually in bright or earthy colours. 


That brings us to the end! Let us know which of these summer trends you'll be trying in the comments on this blog or catch up with us over Instagram. 

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