Nude Lipsticks/ Lip Gloss and Liquid Lipsticks

Nude Lipsticks/ Lip Gloss and Liquid Lipsticks


Look no further, we have some recommendations that will suit all skins tones!

St Tropez


This is a creamy liquid lipstick that looks stunning on almost every skin tone! From the deepest tones to the lightest tones. This shade is a beautiful brown that you can wear on it's own or even use as a lip liner!


This is a pink nude for those who love their nudes with pink undertones! Again with a beautiful creamy finish, easy and comfortable to apply, and most importantly will not dry out your lips, but will still give that desired long lasting lip colour effect. 



Last but by no means least, this beautiful creamy lip colour is perfect for those who love a bright nude but with peachy undertones instead of pink. We are talking barbie vibes but peach barbie vibes! Ideal for those with medium, deep and olive skin! 

For all nude lip colours, you can add a bit of gloss for a glossier effect. Or you can wear them as they are with the creamy formula for the perfect stain lipstick effect. If you prefer matte liquid lipsticks, check out the matte options using the link below!

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